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One of our most popular and stunning products from our range is our White LED Dance Floor. With a choice of sizes starting from 10ft x 10ft all the way up to 18ft x 18ft in size, this will add all the twinkle and sparkle to your big day.

Our White LED Floors are delivered and installed by the M&N team and presented to the highest possible standard. All floors are cleaned and polished after use and carefully prepared for the next all important event. Or you can choose from our black and white floor for the venue to stand out.


White Starlight Dance Floor Hire ~ White LED starlit Dance Floor Hire ~ White Twinking Dance Floor Hire

Our white Starlight Dance Floor is perfect for both weddings and corporate events.

Because of the dsign of the floor it can be arranged in both a square and rectangular shape. This makes it perfect to use as a catwalk for a fashion show or as a walkway for a civil ceremony or awards night. 


A black and white chequered dance floor can add pizzazz and style to any event. Birthdays, wedding receptions -- any kind of celebration is enhanced with a touch of class. At M&N Entertainments , we offer quality black and white dance floor hire services throughout the East Anglia area. Our dance floors are made from hard-wearing, durable acrylic and are carefully cleaned and inspected before every event. They're refurbished regularly so you can be certain that your dance floor will look terrific. 

Our dance floors are 16ft x 16ft in size and they can be installed in almost any space. Why limit your choice of venue to rooms with an existing dance floor when our inexpensive hire service allows you to add a stunning black and white dance floor to any space? Acrylic dance floors can be installed in function rooms, marquees -- wherever you need them.

Our acrylic dance floor hire is available with or without setup. We can install the floor for you, or you can choose the supply-only option and install the dance floor yourself. As well as black and white dance floor hire, our acrylic dance floor hire solutions include a range of different colours and designs. Explore our website for more options, or contact our helpful staff who will be happy to assist and advise you.

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